Day 11 of 28: What Things Have You Learned From Your Parents?

The things that I have learned from my parents are: 

-Speak when you walk into someone’s house or into a room where they are because it shows respect and can spark conversations. 

-Talk nicely because when you don’t it makes others uncomfortable and ultimately makes them not want to be bothered with you. 

-Work out your problems because running is for cowards. Nothing is meant to be easy and you always fight for what you love and what you believe in.

These are just the few things that jumped out to me right now, but truth is I learn from them consistently and this post will continue on for days if I try to dissect everything they have ever taught me in this near 28 years. 

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


Day 4 of 28: What Is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?!

My favorite childhood memory is waking up every Sunday morning getting ready for church and waiting on my grandma to pick me up each and every time. 

Each and every week my brother Chris and I would go to church and spend time with our friends, learn about God, and see the greatness of the Lord flow through my grandma as she sang in the choir. 

Childhood memories are great and they show the legacy of those before us and the future of our legacy. However, if it is not the legacy that we desire for our future we also have the opportunity to change that and create our own. Childhood memories have made me the woman that I am today and will make my children the adults that they become. 

‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”

-Love Always Char …

…God’s Eyes…

If we had God’s eyes we could see everything right. How many times have we looked at a situation and immediately looked at the bad or we looked at only surface. There is a plan for everything and if we had God’s  eyes we could see from his point of view seeing the BIG picture.

If we had God’s  eyes we could see everything right. How many times have we drove past someone who was less fortunate than us and rolled our eyes, laughed, kept going, or immediately wrote them off? It is important that we think twice and find the lesson. In everything we encounter. It is important  we see the ♡ in everyone because the flesh is a powerful “shell”.

If we had God’s eyes we could see everything right. Why do we consider ourselves as friends but take everything someone says for what it is “just words”. What I am trying to explain here is that those closest to us will lie right to our faces. How many times have you had someone tell you they were okay everytime you come in contact with them?

It is not a necessity to pry but it is important that we let our friends know we care so they feel comfortable coming to us. When things get bad, they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on they should know who they can turn to when things just aren’t right. We should love our friends just as God loves us, because people need people no matter how put together they may seem.

     Dear God, I pray that we are equipped with your eyes so that we can see things just for what they are, so that we can be more patient, so that we can show more compassion . All I ask is that we see things they way you seem things and love the way you love. In your son Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


15 Ways To Love Your Husband. . . .


1. Respect Him

2. Affirm Him

3. Acknowledge The Positive Things He Does.

4. Pray For Him

5. Pray With Him

6. Be Kind

7. Be The Woman You Were Before Marriage

8. Leave Him Notes

9. Give Him Kisses (Passionate Kisses)

10. Wink At Him

11. Cook For Him

12. Run His Bath Water (Shower)

13. Have Ice Cold Water Ready When He Comes In From The Heat.

14. Take Him Out Somewhere Special

15. Do Something He Loves To Do; With Him

Bonus: Be The Best Woman In His Life Hands Down