Day 16 Of 28: What Things Can’t You Live Without?

I am not trying to be one of those people who always gives a literal answer to questions that more than likely requires a list of things (which I will include anyway), but honestly I could more than likely live without anything that is material. However, to answer the question, I can’t live without God and it sometimes feels like I can’t live without:

-My Husband, Nick

-My Cell Phone

-Food (Junk Food)

-Pencil/ Paper, &


I’m sure there is so much more but in all honestly my phone is probably the main thing, aside from my husband, that I can go without because I do literally everything on it. I pay bills on it, call my family on it, get on Facebook (& all other social media sites), I order food with it, I take photos with it, and I’m typing this entry to my blog with it. When push comes to shove, I need my phone!!!

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


15 Ways To Love Your Husband. . . .


1. Respect Him

2. Affirm Him

3. Acknowledge The Positive Things He Does.

4. Pray For Him

5. Pray With Him

6. Be Kind

7. Be The Woman You Were Before Marriage

8. Leave Him Notes

9. Give Him Kisses (Passionate Kisses)

10. Wink At Him

11. Cook For Him

12. Run His Bath Water (Shower)

13. Have Ice Cold Water Ready When He Comes In From The Heat.

14. Take Him Out Somewhere Special

15. Do Something He Loves To Do; With Him

Bonus: Be The Best Woman In His Life Hands Down