Day 12 of 28: What Is Your Favorite Restaurant? Why?

Well this is easy, LOL! My favorite restaurant is Cheddars. 

Cheddars is my favorite restaurant because they have the best food and the best desserts, the staff is always friendly, and the facility is always clean. 

Cheddars is also my favorite restaurant because a lot of my best memories have been created in that place and many more memories will be created as well. 

Lastly, I enjoyed the restaurant because when I have my regular meals that I choose and decide one day I want to be spontaneous and choose something different, it’s still delicious and gives me a new regular plus a reason to keep going back.

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


Day 10 of 28: What Things Make You Happy?

The things that make me happy are:

-Family time! I just enjoy being around others and when they consider themselves or consider me family, I feel a different kind of vibe and have much more fun than I would being around total strangers.

-Working out! When I’m moving and get a good sweat going it makes me feel more alive and accomplished. When I work out it helps me to relax and focus more on the important things going on in life.

-Writing! Wow, just letting it all out on paper helps me release the things that I necessarily would not say out loud. I have always noticed (in my opinion) that I have so much to say and make much more sense when I’m writing and it makes me feel great!

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …

Day 9 of 28: If You Could Have Lunch W/ One Person Who Would It Be?!

Well well well. Truth is I would love to have lunch with a lot of people. However, at this very moment my heart and mind is focused on my mother-in-law. If I could orchestrate just One last lunch with her, her son, and myself I would do just that and it would be golden.

Mama ETOYCE carried so much joy no matter what the situation and taught me so much about being a mother just by the simple things she did or did not do.

So, if you weren’t sure before I’ll say it again. “If I could have lunch with one person it would be with my resting mother in love.”

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …

Day 4 of 28: What Is Your Favorite Childhood Memory?!

My favorite childhood memory is waking up every Sunday morning getting ready for church and waiting on my grandma to pick me up each and every time. 

Each and every week my brother Chris and I would go to church and spend time with our friends, learn about God, and see the greatness of the Lord flow through my grandma as she sang in the choir. 

Childhood memories are great and they show the legacy of those before us and the future of our legacy. However, if it is not the legacy that we desire for our future we also have the opportunity to change that and create our own. Childhood memories have made me the woman that I am today and will make my children the adults that they become. 

‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”

-Love Always Char …

||My Why||

Today is the day I have really determine what I am doing all of this work for. For a while, I asked myself why? “I’m always going to be fat, I’m just meant to be bigger, I just can’t do it”, and so much more. Going a whole year fighting for my life to lose weight, better my marriage, better my intellect, and better myself spiritually (but never really had a why). All I could ever hope for was to have a baby, and although that is an amazing and legitimate reason, it wasn’t enough for me and it definitely couldn’t be the only reason.
Today I can say with confidence that I am on this journey for my health, first. I can do no good if I am constantly sick, hurting, or struggling to get around. Secondly, I do it to show my husband that being healthy is better for us both (which after about six months he finally caught on). Third, Nick and I want a family of our own. I personally want to physically carry a child (which will come to pass because my God has promised me) and Nicholas to be healthy enough to be the best father possible. Lastly, I am on a journey to help inspire other women to take the first step in repairing their physical bodies, minds, and souls, by exercising, reading and studying The Word of God.
This photo not only shows just how far I have come but it also shows my dedication and strength to continue on where I’m going. My journey is far from over, it’s actually more like just beginning now that I know the real why behind my daily fight.
‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”
-Love Always Char …

My Ten Always and Forevers

Today’s post is in response to a Top Ten Tuesday entry by Helen. I am also responding to my sister Miss Margo’s blog.

I used to make lists all the time and not ever use them. It is only the end of February and 2015 has already brought on more structured habits. Every list I have made thus far I have used. I’m growing up y’all, I’m growing up.

I am also going to share the ten things that will always and forever be part of my life inspired by the 2 women named above (Please Go Check Their Blogs Out, You Won’t Regret It):

1. Praying: I want to always seek God for provision before making any decision big or small

2. The Bible: Reading just a chapter away will keep the devil away (I just made that up), but seriously reading will teach me and help me learn the ways of God consistently that I may be more like Him.

3. Reading: I enjoy reading a good book often for leisure and for education purposes. Reading keeps me on top of information and new authors. For the most part the readings I do are both fun and interesting

4. Writing: I am not sure if i will have this blog for the long haul but with or without it i will always have journal and notebooks everywhere for me to write in as thoughts come about.

5. Singing: Singing makes me so happy. It keeps me calm, centered, music in general keeps my mind at ease and not in idle mode as much.

6. Family: I will always cherish my family as long as I possibly can. God made other people for me to fo and that is what I will always do.

7. Emotions: It doesn’t matter if I am happy with a smile, mad with a frown, or sad with tears they are normally visible maybe more than they should be. However, it’s what makes me Charlotte.

8. Education: I learn for myself and for my family. I want to have the education to help and lead those who come after me.

9. Humility: I do not ever want to be out of my league. I don’t want to have thoughts that I have made it. I must stay humble at all times. Trying to be above everyone else is too much work and would be insane.

10. Helping: I am always helping someone and I enjoy it. I honestly think I may get that honestly from my mother who would give until she had no more if she could. Helping is my heart and at times in can be a fault but it is something I will always hold dear to me.