Day 9 of 28: If You Could Have Lunch W/ One Person Who Would It Be?!

Well well well. Truth is I would love to have lunch with a lot of people. However, at this very moment my heart and mind is focused on my mother-in-law. If I could orchestrate just One last lunch with her, her son, and myself I would do just that and it would be golden.

Mama ETOYCE carried so much joy no matter what the situation and taught me so much about being a mother just by the simple things she did or did not do.

So, if you weren’t sure before I’ll say it again. “If I could have lunch with one person it would be with my resting mother in love.”

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


Stuart Scott- “The whole fight, this journey thing, . . .

Stuart Scott

This whole fight, this journey thing, is not a solo venture. This is something that requires support.”- Stuart Scott.

Stuart Scott has always been someone that I enjoyed watching on SportsCenter. In most cases there are times I just watch Sports Center because there is someone else watching and interested in it. However, the last few years I have paid much more attention, especially during basketball season and have truly been intrigued by his smile, demeanor, actions, vocabulary, life, and much more.

There is nothing like watching someone who inspires me, but to watch them when they are out of their normal routine, accepting an award, and battling cancer, my view and insight is much different. I become more alert and aware of what they have to say, why they are saying it, and how it impacts the world (those who are watching)

Stuart Scott said the above quote while accepting an Espy award (Jimmy V Perseverance Award), and I loved it. This helps me to understand that no life journey is meant to be traveled alone. Although in this speech he is referring to his journey through battling cancer I decided to take it just a step further.

Stuart’s quote reminds me that it is okay to need help, ask for help, and accept help. This also reminds me that help (receiving help) does not make me weak, it does not make me less of a person, it does not mean I cannot do for myself. It means I am human.

This quote should remind us all that asking for help is not an admission that something is wrong. Instead asking for help is a way to relieve stress and be remind us that we are not alone.