Day 14 of 28: What Does A Typical Day In Your Life Look Like?

At the moment a typical day in my life is pretty boring and bland to some but chill and fun to me.

On the weeks I work at the bank I go to work come home work out and literally relax the rest of the day.

On the weeks I don’t work at the bank, I sleep until daylight, get up, Snapchat, sit around (snapchatting) for an hour, workout, and chill the rest of the day.

A typical day in my life is pretty chill and laid back all the time!

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


…God’s Eyes…

If we had God’s eyes we could see everything right. How many times have we looked at a situation and immediately looked at the bad or we looked at only surface. There is a plan for everything and if we had God’s  eyes we could see from his point of view seeing the BIG picture.

If we had God’s  eyes we could see everything right. How many times have we drove past someone who was less fortunate than us and rolled our eyes, laughed, kept going, or immediately wrote them off? It is important that we think twice and find the lesson. In everything we encounter. It is important  we see the ♡ in everyone because the flesh is a powerful “shell”.

If we had God’s eyes we could see everything right. Why do we consider ourselves as friends but take everything someone says for what it is “just words”. What I am trying to explain here is that those closest to us will lie right to our faces. How many times have you had someone tell you they were okay everytime you come in contact with them?

It is not a necessity to pry but it is important that we let our friends know we care so they feel comfortable coming to us. When things get bad, they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on they should know who they can turn to when things just aren’t right. We should love our friends just as God loves us, because people need people no matter how put together they may seem.

     Dear God, I pray that we are equipped with your eyes so that we can see things just for what they are, so that we can be more patient, so that we can show more compassion . All I ask is that we see things they way you seem things and love the way you love. In your son Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


15 Ways To Love Your Husband. . . .


1. Respect Him

2. Affirm Him

3. Acknowledge The Positive Things He Does.

4. Pray For Him

5. Pray With Him

6. Be Kind

7. Be The Woman You Were Before Marriage

8. Leave Him Notes

9. Give Him Kisses (Passionate Kisses)

10. Wink At Him

11. Cook For Him

12. Run His Bath Water (Shower)

13. Have Ice Cold Water Ready When He Comes In From The Heat.

14. Take Him Out Somewhere Special

15. Do Something He Loves To Do; With Him

Bonus: Be The Best Woman In His Life Hands Down

Lamar Campbell- More Than Anything

‘I life my hands in total adoration(deep love and respect; worship and respect) unto you. You reign upon the throne for you are God and God alone. Because of you my cloudy days are gone and I can sing to you this song, I just want to say that I love you more than anything.’

I have always loved music mostly just because of the instrument. I mean I have sung songs and memorized many words to a lot of songs but the last two days have been much different.

I have actually taken the time to look at the lyrics of specific songs that have touched me in the last  days and I have understood the words much differently and actually can relate to what Lamar is saying in the song.

Above I included the first verse of the song. Today I am going to share line by line of that verse with you and explain to you what it means to me and how I relate to the song in general. Hope you enjoy and take something from it.

‘I lift my hands in total adoration unto you’

I lift my hands in worship, love, and respect to you (God). That is what this means to me. When I give all of my worship to God the rest will follow. My dreams, hopes, and wishes, when in accordance with God’s plans, will come to past

‘You reign on the throne, for you are God and God alone’

God reigns over the entire world. There is nothing impossible for Him to do for me, you, or our families. God is God alone and the worship of people, places, and things become the worship of idols and are irrelevant (nonexistent) when trying to live in the presence of God.

‘Because of You my cloudy days are gone’

Because of the one and only God my cloudy days, my nightmares, my heartaches are gone, nonexistent. I can now live in peace, joy, and I can walk in love. We are all human and have to make a conscious effort not to allow things get the best of us and remember it is our responsibility as a Child of God to love our neighbor as He loves us.

‘I can sing to You this song, I just want to say that I love You more than anything’

Praises and thank you should always be given to God in good and bad situations. No matter what a situation looks like there is always something to be grateful for. The way I look at it is no matter what goes on in any given day God has a plan and has done something that deserves all the glory. My example would be ||I wake up with a headache and have to be at work in 15 minutes||. Although I have a headache that could ruin my entire day but instead I decide to take time to praise God for being able to wake that day and I have a job.

By no means am I saying that I am perfect and I do not have my mess ups because I am sure I do more than some, but I am saying even when there are times when I may complain I have to reevaluate myself and be grateful for what I do have and grateful that my situation isn’t any worse that it is and will get better.

Be Encouraged and Enjoy!


Jessica Reedy- Better

From the time I woke up this morning to the time I made it to work I listened to 21 Gospel Songs. Gospel is my favorite genre of music. It may seem cliché because I am a woman of God and one would assume that is the only type of music I should be listening to. However, that is not the point I am trying to make and it is not the reason I enjoy Gospel music.

I listen to gospel music because every word speaks volumes. It can be as simple as the word better (comparative of good and well; superior); the was it is used makes me think about with God everything will get better and be okay and I am not my current situation and I have purpose. Gospel music makes me feel some type of way and it always makes me smile. Oh and on an unrelated note I enjoy music that I can sing along with and to this day I still have not found a gospel song in which I have been unsuccessful doing so.

The very first song I listened to this morning was ‘Better’ by Jessica Reedy. The song came on with a low melody but was straight to the point and not too much music played before the words came out of her mouth. I am not going to go through the song and explain every lyric but I want to share my heart and how this song has helped me today.

I used to be so broken, lost, empty

A singer with no song to sing

The silence is deafening

The above lines help me to think of where I have come from and where I am coming from. I never want to forget where I have come from because it is just proof to me that I have a purpose for being here. Although I have not always been aware of my purpose. The above lines no longer make me feel sad or upset but they make me feel overcome, strong, rewarded, aware, thankful , and grateful.

A sweeter song of victory

So keep walking ,walking,walking

Though it seems so far.

No matter who you are

See, there is one thing that I know

Life it can leave ,You so bitter, bitter,bitter, bitter

But you must believe

That it gets better,better,better, better

This section is the section that gives me faith, hope, peace, joy, happiness, and love. This section also reminds me that God is no respecter of person. It does not matter who I am. When I repent and believe in the one and only that can truly forgive and forget that is where my freedom comes from. There is no one who can forgive me like God. A faithful God.

All who see this please remember that no matter how things are going they can always be better and no matter how bad things are going they can always be worse. Remember that there is a purpose for your belonging and no matter the circumstance (GOOD OR BAD) it can always be better