Day 14 of 28: What Does A Typical Day In Your Life Look Like?

At the moment a typical day in my life is pretty boring and bland to some but chill and fun to me.

On the weeks I work at the bank I go to work come home work out and literally relax the rest of the day.

On the weeks I don’t work at the bank, I sleep until daylight, get up, Snapchat, sit around (snapchatting) for an hour, workout, and chill the rest of the day.

A typical day in my life is pretty chill and laid back all the time!

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …


Day 13 of 28: What Is Your Fitness Routine?

My fitness routine is very moment is 21 day fix and T25 hybrid. 

I wanted something that I know what kick my butt in the process. 

This is the first time that I have done a hybrid program but I’m super excited to see the results and of course share them all with you.

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …

Insanity Max: 30… Month One

During month one, I almost gave up on day two because I believed that I needed a workout that would be easier. I even told my coach LaShona that I was going to switch because I felt I need more cardio and something that would be more fun and most exciting to come back to day in and day out. I was going to switch to a dance program. 

Day theee came and all I could do was press play on Insanity Max: 30. Why, you ask?! Well my answer is I am better than that! I don’t take the easy way out and even if I had to do the modifier (an easier/ low impact version of the exercise) 95% of the time it was worth the push. 

I am proud to share with you today that yesterday I finished month one of the program and today I started month two. I am also proud to share with you that I have lost 8lbs and 18″ just by NOT giving in and not giving up.
How many times do we talk ourselves out of doing something that will better our lives just to be comfort able? All the time and I know because that we to be the rabbit hole I would consistently climb down for the sake of remaining in my comfort zone.

What are you holding yourself back from today? Me?! Well I am holding myself back from true success because I don’t believe I am skinny enough. However, today I am taking steps towards trusting my purpose, which is to inspire young women to become the best, improved, and most confident them yet!!!

‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”

-Love Always Char …

…Healthy Habits…

Have a time preference order, consistency, and completion.
In my bullet journal (Click Here For More Info), I decided it was important for me to create a habit tracker. I needed something that I was going to look at every day and enjoy filling in when I completed something.
Most would think it’s simple to remember everything that needs to be done on a daily basis. I agree there are some things that should be automatic like washing our face, brushing our teeth, and gargling with mouthwash every morning. However, if I can be “H.O.T” (Honest Open and Transparent), it was not a natural instinct for me until I made the tracker.
I have to clarify HEALTHY HABITS are what I am referring to. In my humble opinion, when I know that I am following a daily plan and I know that about three times a day I will have a moment to check those things off, I get excited. I get excited because I know it is bettering me, my overall growth, and because checking things off a “list” fills me with accomplishment and completeness.
Today I challenge you to keep a habit log or habit tracker and realize how amazing you feel knowing that majority of your daily habits and chores are completely done for the day. Be You Be Smart & Get Organized… Your Future Will Love You!!!
‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”
Love Always Char…

5 Tips To Successful Meal Prep

1. Set Goals
During this step you want to set goals. What foods do you want to eat more of, what foods do you know you don’t need to buy, what is your budget, which store(s) will you go to, etc.

2. Make A Master Plan
Here is where you want to decide what recipes you will use if any, what are you going to cook during the week, and how many different meals you will prep, and when you will prepare the meals.

3. Shop Strategically
When shopping be sure you are choosing all of your favorite fruits and veggies, chicken, ground turkey, etc. No matter what you buy you want to make sure you actually like it because if you don’t you will not excited about grabbing when you need a quick snack or when you are ready to make that salad. Whatever you do make sure you are not picking up things you don’t like and things that are not on your meal plan (unhealthy/junk food).

4. Prep
As soon as your shopping is complete go home and begin to prep. Peel you carrots, scrub your sweet potatoes, cut those onions, etc. You want to prep as much as you can so you don’t have to do all during the actual meal prep and so you don’t have to pack all the bulk of veggies/groceries in your refrigerator or freezer.

5. Don’t Sabotage Yourself
Do not go and buy 20 dollars of junk food believing that you won’t eat it, because although there are some pretty disciplined people out there everyone is not, and having that temptation will only cause to failure which should definitely NOT the goal. When shopping if at all possible always try to stick to the outermost aisles where your meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, milks, and yogurts are located.

By Failing To Prepare You Are Preparing To Fail