About Charlotte!


Hello there.  I would first like to thank you for stopping by my page and making your presence known. You should know by now I am Charlotte. I enjoy thinking,  thinking thinking and more thinking (I am an introvert). I enjoy writing which is why I am here, I enjoy learning, it helps me become wiser, I enjoy singing, and sharing experiences. I love to see others succeed in great ways and move to strive for the best for them.

I want to be a great woman who embraces every experience and runs with how it grows me. Everything is not going to be chocolate and roses, but each experience is worth the outcome. It will help me grow. What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger.

I want to take my experiences and share with others to help encourage.

I do enjoy a nice conversation but majority of the time I speak better on paper. It is the way I am wired but I am striving to change that.

I am a Woman of God. I am growing the relationship that He and I have. Every since I gave my life to Christ in 2006 my life has been rocky but what is important is that my life has done an entire 360° turn for the better.

I am Married to a wonderful God fearing man who excepts me for exactly who I am and supports me in all that I have done and am doing in my life. Nicholas is my soul-mate, my rock, and my biggest fan. He keeps me moving forward to be the best Woman of God, Wife, and (future) Mother.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I have been here since 1996 and loving every moment of it. I went to Columbus Elementary,  Sam Houston Elementary,  Gilcrease Intermediate, Monroe Middle, and Webster High School. I have both my Associates and Bachelors in Accounting.

I am a writer. It has always been a huge part of my life and I want to share that with all of you. I just want to share my thoughts and experiences so that others may realize it is not only them and so they may receive clarity. It is my goal to walk in purpose and I know writing is only the beginning of what God has called me to do. My hope and desire is to reach at least one person with each and every post. Rather it is with a laugh, a hard self-evaluation, or just slight smile I will have accomplished the purpose of this site. Thanks so much for taking the time to experience and enjoy.

Keep Coming Back!

Feel free to contact me anytime at charelayne14@gmail.com, Thank You!


4 thoughts on “About Charlotte!

  1. You have a great blog so I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogging Award. My intent in accepting and nominating others is to work to increase blog traffic. I would be delighted if you chose to accept, but if you prefer not to I surely do understand. You can read my nomination post and the rules on my blog if you are interested.


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