Day 15 of 28: What Is Your Idea Of A “Perfect” Day?

My idea of a perfect day?

This day would involve a nice massage, pedicure, eye brow waxing, bbq (that my husband cooked), and friend/family time!!!

Any day that involved any of the above things is an awesome day but if I can have them all in one day I believe that it would be golden and it would be as close to a perfect day as it could get.

Now here is an explanation as to why all of these things would make my day “perfect”:

-Massage… Well of course this would aid in making my day perfect because I would be relaxed, nothing would be able to bother me after I know that my entire body is relaxed from an (at least) one hour massage by the greatest massage therapist I know. Sorry, I can’t share my sources (but if you’re in Tulsa I’ve got you)!

-Pedicure… Ha! All I can say is we as women love to have our feet looking and feeling good, why not add a pedicure to aid and assist in the magic.

-Eye Brow Waxing… For me this makes me feel like I am the prettiest woman in the world. If when I look at my own face and see the magic after a waxing I know others will too.

-BBQ… Nick makes the best food known to man (in my opinion) and it would be just amazing to be able to receive a home cooked meal from him (which I normally always do). If I was told that I could have whatever I wanted for a day this is a meal that I would ask for and a meal that would satisfy me tremendously.

-Friends/Family…Friends and family help me to feel complete. I enjoy fellowship and intelligent conversation with others. Most of the friends and family we have already are parents and sometimes don’t have a lot of time to hang out. However, when we can get together and have a good time that is a “PERFECT” day.

Until Next Time… Live, Laugh, Love, and Be Strong, Because You’re Meant To Win

-Love Always Char …





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