The Truth About Insanity Max: 30- My Experience!!!

Insanity max 30 has been the toughest workout completed today. I mean I literally wanted to get up give up everything will day and although I only have three workouts lift is still hard to push through.
Struggles are real and no matter how long you’ve been doing something there is always room for improvement. I’d like to say I am going to push myself to do this program again (back to back) but truth is I’m honestly not sure I’m ready for that.
My main focus right now is getting my nutrition 100% under control. I have spurts where I’m on task to the letter and I see numbers drop and then something seems to come up distracting me and getting me completely off task. In January, I stayed on task and did not deviate and then The Super Bowl came. After The Super Bowl, my cycle came, which seemed to cause more deviations and I haven’t really been back on track (food wise) since.
Starting today I will be making a meal plan that I know I can’t stick to and that I know will not be boring or repetitive.
Step one is admitting that the first program I chose for the year was amazing but was not for me. It’s an advanced workout and although I can and do push myself it was still a little too tough for me and I will not make the same mistake.
My next program starting March 6th will be between 21 Day Fix, T-25, Rockin’ Body, or Core De Force. I plan on finishing with flying colors and being down at least 10lbs (mark my words… this is my accountability)!!!
‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”
-Love Always Char …



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