Insanity Max: 30… Month One

During month one, I almost gave up on day two because I believed that I needed a workout that would be easier. I even told my coach LaShona that I was going to switch because I felt I need more cardio and something that would be more fun and most exciting to come back to day in and day out. I was going to switch to a dance program. 

Day theee came and all I could do was press play on Insanity Max: 30. Why, you ask?! Well my answer is I am better than that! I don’t take the easy way out and even if I had to do the modifier (an easier/ low impact version of the exercise) 95% of the time it was worth the push. 

I am proud to share with you today that yesterday I finished month one of the program and today I started month two. I am also proud to share with you that I have lost 8lbs and 18″ just by NOT giving in and not giving up.
How many times do we talk ourselves out of doing something that will better our lives just to be comfort able? All the time and I know because that we to be the rabbit hole I would consistently climb down for the sake of remaining in my comfort zone.

What are you holding yourself back from today? Me?! Well I am holding myself back from true success because I don’t believe I am skinny enough. However, today I am taking steps towards trusting my purpose, which is to inspire young women to become the best, improved, and most confident them yet!!!

‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”

-Love Always Char …


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