||My Why||

Today is the day I have really determine what I am doing all of this work for. For a while, I asked myself why? “I’m always going to be fat, I’m just meant to be bigger, I just can’t do it”, and so much more. Going a whole year fighting for my life to lose weight, better my marriage, better my intellect, and better myself spiritually (but never really had a why). All I could ever hope for was to have a baby, and although that is an amazing and legitimate reason, it wasn’t enough for me and it definitely couldn’t be the only reason.
Today I can say with confidence that I am on this journey for my health, first. I can do no good if I am constantly sick, hurting, or struggling to get around. Secondly, I do it to show my husband that being healthy is better for us both (which after about six months he finally caught on). Third, Nick and I want a family of our own. I personally want to physically carry a child (which will come to pass because my God has promised me) and Nicholas to be healthy enough to be the best father possible. Lastly, I am on a journey to help inspire other women to take the first step in repairing their physical bodies, minds, and souls, by exercising, reading and studying The Word of God.
This photo not only shows just how far I have come but it also shows my dedication and strength to continue on where I’m going. My journey is far from over, it’s actually more like just beginning now that I know the real why behind my daily fight.
‘Til we meet again, “stand up, move forward, and stay strong”
-Love Always Char …


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