☆ Fresh Start ☆

Not only am I grateful for a new year but today/tomorrow is my last day of one journey and Monday the first of a new.

Today I turned in my keys and it was a bittersweet moment. Why? Well because first things first I enjoy my job. I enjoy helping clients take care of their daily banking needs and I enjoy the smiles on their faces once their transactions are complete. However, this is a new beginning for me as an Oil & Gas Revenue Accounting Specialist I. Am I Nervous? Oh yes most definitely because I do not 100% know what to expect but I do know that God does not put more on me than I can bear so I know I will be able to handle the newness. I am bless and thankful!
This position is going to be the start of something special and with the help of God day in and day out I will be able to make it through day one undestanding what is expected of me as a new employee. Once I get the first day down I will be able to work each day with excellence not second guessing my skills.

I am speaking of a new position at the moment but it is important that I share how I made it this far to have the mind set that I have. First of all staying devoted to gaining a closer relationship with God (you know, like the relationships you just have to have with PEOPLE. The ones who could care less if you are succeeding or failing) is the type of relationship that will keep God wanting to see you succeed. Now let there be no mistake God always wants to see us succeed but it is important that we are being faithful and obedient to gain those truths and promises that he delivers day in and day out through His word and His ways.

I have so much gratitude at this very moment that I wouldn’t want to have it any other way and as you all know one can never praise and honor the ONE above too much because HE deserves it all!



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