5 Cards We Are Dealt In Life. . . .

Chemistry– Our Chemistry is how we are wired, biology, physical makeup. Our Chemistry influences our personality and who we are.

Connections– Our Connections are our relationships that we have.

– Who we are and what we become (Self-Image) comes what we think the most important person in our life thinks about us.

– This is why it is Highly Recommended that Jesus Christ is the most important person in out life.

Circumstance– Our Circumstances are the things that happen around you and to you

– These circumstances include trauma, crisis, abuse, difficulty with physical and mental health, etc.

Consciousness– Our consciousness is the way that we talk to ourselves; self talk. Our identity largely comes from the way that we speak to or perceive ourselves.

– If we talked to our friends the way that we talked to ourselves they would not be our friends because we always seem to talk negative towards ourselves.

Choices– Choices is our most important card that is dealt to us. This card makes us human and makes us different from everyone. However this is also the card that can be both a blessing and a curse because we have the option of making good or bad decisions.

5 Healthy Choices to Make Us Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Strong

* Get in shape and eat healthy (Mentally and Physically Healthy)

* Choose yourself talk; Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind.

* Don’t believe everything you think.

* By choosing the way we respond during the worst circumstances

* Choose healthy relationships, cultivate people who build you up not tear you down. Most importantly with Jesus Christ


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